2018 Democratic Candidates

*Endorsed by Democrat Club

Ben Cardin - US Senate*
www.bencardin.com • 443.865.7290 • info@BenCardin.com

  • First elected to U.S. Senate in 2006

  • Ardent supporter of Affordable Care Act

  • As leading Democrat on the Senate Small Business Committee, works to empower minority-, women-, and veteran-owned small businesses

  • Leader in defending women’s rights and human rights at home and abroad

  • Major advocate for Chesapeake Bay, and our air and water as a member of the Environment and Public Works Committees

  • Has deep interest in foreign affairs and works across party lines on the Foreign Affairs Committee

Jesse Colvin - US Congress*
www.jessecolvin.com • Jesse@JesseColvin.com

  • 6 years as Army Ranger with 4 deployments to Afghanistan

  • Master of International Affairs from Columbia University

  • Committed to cleaning the Chesapeake Bay, helping watermen and farmers, and protecting our ecotourism 

  • Believes health care is a right for every American and will support ACA, Medicare, Medicaid, and Children’s Health Insurance Plan

  • Supports expanding Medicare so any individual or business can buy into it. Will work to ensure every American has access to quality and affordable healthcare with preexisting condition protections and mental health coverage

  • Will fight to protect women’s access to preventive care and their right to choose

  • Will promote the teaching of technology from grade school on

  • Will form a coalition to address opioid addiction by working to invest smartly in prevention, treatment, and recovery systems 

  • Jesse will continue to listen to—and address the needs of­­—the citizens of District 1—even when he goes to Washington, where he will work with politicians of all stripes.

Ben Jealous - Governor*
www.benjealous.com  • BenJealous@BenJealous.com

  • Community organizer, Rhodes Scholar, civil rights leader, investigative journalist

  • Executive experience in running non-profit organizations, including as the youngest-ever National President of the NAACP

  • Wants to return Maryland to 1st in the nation for education instead of 6th, where we’ve currently fallen

  • Believes in Medicare for All and wants to build a system to reduce costs while insuring more Marylanders

  • Has a plan to better support those suffering from addiction by funding Naloxone, expanding crisis centers, and creating Overdose Outreach Teams in more areas of the state

  • Plans to bolster the economy by raising the minimum wage, expanding rural broadband, and creating at 21st century transportation plan that focuses on more than roads


Susan Turnbull - Lt. Governor*


  • Has dedicated 40+ years to community activism, civil rights, political organizing and creating opportunities for people to access their government; worked in a variety of governmental, non-profit, business and political positions; served on charitable boards

  • Former Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Chairwoman of the Maryland Democratic Party, and a senior advisor and grant consultant to several members of Congress

  • Worked extensively for women and young leaders in politics

Brian Frosh - Attorney General*
www.brianfrosh.com • 240.479.9788 • Brian@BrianFrosh.com

  • 28 years in the Maryland General Assembly; elected Attorney General for Maryland in 2014

  • Working to ensure fairness, equality and justice for all Marylanders

  • Led way for Maryland to become first state to issue guidelines prohibiting discriminatory profiling by law enforcement

  • Worked with other state AGs to fight to control greenhouse gases

  • Worked for greater public safety in many arenas including drug-trafficking, organized crime, fraud and corruption

  • Organized a ban on oil and gas drilling in the Chesapeake Bay

Peter Franchot - Comptroller*
www.franchot.com • info@franchot.com

  • Since taking office in 2007, Peter has transformed the agency into one of the most effective and efficient Comptroller’s Offices in the nation

  • A national leader in the fight against tax fraud and identity theft

  • Has led the fight against accruing more debt and irresponsible, wasteful spending

Heather Sinclair - MD Senate, District 36*
www.heatherlynettesinclair.com • heather@heatherlynettesinclair.com

  • Has drafted and passed legislation as a citizen lobbyist

  • Strong advocate for patient’s rights

  • Coined HB280, which eliminated fee for homeless to obtain a birth certificate

Jobeth Bowers - MD Delegate, District 35A*
www.bowersforcecil.com • 410.975.7000

  • Solo law practitioner here in Cecil County

  • Focus on family first values: preventing crime, improving education and economic development

  • Will work with local business to be sure they receive the resources they need 

  • Will work to bolster local schools and leverage the excellent local resource of Cecil College

  • Will work to see that proven evidence-based treatment and support options are available for treating opioid addiction, as well as diminishing--if not eliminating--the stigma attached to addiction

  • Will work to put Cecil County “back on the map” of Maryland and to provide the proper resources for us to improve the overall quality of life in this county

Ronnie Davis - MD Delegate, District 35B*
www.ronnietdavis.com • RonnieDavis@LongstreamCT.com 

  • Former elementary school teacher; certified Personal Life Coach, Social + Emotional Intelligence Coach and Career/Business Coach

  • Past Chair of Harford County Commission for Women

  • Proud Rotarian, who volunteers for many non-profit organizations

  • Will work to ensure a healthy environment for our children and grandchildren

  • Will emphasize helping public education further flourish in Maryland

  • Will work for affordable health care, including mental health care

Keirien Taylor - MD Delegate, District 36*
www.keirientaylor.com • 410.858.4756

  • Graduate student at Salisbury University studying Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution

  • Supports a single-payer health care program

  • Wants to implement state programs to expand mental health services for veterans.  

  • Will work to increase minimum wage to $15 per hour as well as stabilize rental assistance to help the working poor in District 36

  • Will work to speed recovery of the Chesapeake Bay, alongside support for our farming community

  • Will work to secure access to trade schools and programs

  • Supports increased prevention programs to address opioid crisis and preventing further cuts to treatment centers

Michael Welker - MD Delegate, District 36*
www.welkerformaryland.com • info@WelkerForMaryland.com

  • Having just graduated from high school, Mike worked to help put his wife through college

  • Applied Science in business management degree from Cecil College; now in school at Towson University studying political science and history

  • Will build trade programs for students in Maryland so they can learn skills that will provide them long-lasting careers

  • Will ensure schools concentrate on vital skills such as coding and networking at an early age

  • Will work to make sure school districts have the funds for after-school programs, important to the social structure of our communities

  • Will work for state-funded universal healthcare including mental health care and rehabilitation for those who have fallen victim to the opioid crisis

Crystal Woodward - MD Delegate, District 36*
crystal4delegate.ruck.us • Crystal4Delegate@gmail.com 

  • Dorchester County native who lives on Kent Island

  • Director of the American Diabetes Association’s Legal Advocacy Division

  • Supports transition to renewable energy to grow the economy/jobs and protect the environment

  • Supports policies to reduce use of plastics to protect the environment

  • Supports accessible, affordable healthcare for all Marylanders

  • Supports Universal Pre-K and increased funding for trade and vocational school programs

  • Supports access to Broadband Internet for all

  • Supports medication assistance treatment, education, and behavioral therapy to address the opioid crisis

  • Supports measures to promote social justice, protect civil rights, and fight voter suppression

Cody Kirk - Cecil County Council, District 2

Gary Brown - Judge Orphans Court*

410.920.0764 • P.O. Box 2, Chesapeake City, MD 21915-0002

  • Chief Judge, Orphans' Court, Cecil County, December 2002 to December 6, 2010.

  • Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Cecil Bancorp, Inc.

*Endorsed by Democrat Club